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About Us

Who we are and where we have come from are both relatively simple and equally complicated questions.

In the shortest form we have been best friends since the age of 7 and now have a drive to work for ourselves and create a unique compilation of nursery accessories and furniture. However this simple version would do a disservice to the long and exciting journeys that have helped us arrive at The Little Blue Owl......

Having met at school in (ahem) 1988 we then went on and enjoyed our reckless teenage years indulging in the questionable fashion and social choices that we convinced ourselves were well thought out (anyone who has tried to achieve hair volume through backcombing and gel will relate). We then set off on our own adventures. Jennie the constant entrepreneur has successfully managed a portfolio of houses, designed granite worktops, run her own bookkeeping firm and somehow amongst this married her childhood sweetheart and now lives on a farm in Herefordshire with her two beautiful daughters (one aptly named Eleanor). Eleanor's career path has been equally diverse with 3 years as a police constable following university before an escape to Australia where owning a coffee shop paid for a physiotherapy masters before returning to the UK to work in healthcare. Eleanor too married and now also has two beautiful children.

On first glance the nursery industry seemed awash with websites for nursery items however after the arrival of the girls we were frustrated with not being able to find the beautiful, simple accessories we had wanted. The solution seemed simple, we would source and collate a range of products that we loved and that our girls loved and put them together for others.

So here it is. We have loved putting this range together and we hope you love shopping with us and rest assured we are constantly on the look out for new and exciting design led items for your little ones bedrooms.

Love El and Jen x